Aurora Love | Boho Baby | Wonderful One | Smash Cake

| Keep shining beautiful one. The world needs your light. | Oh how you are loved Aurora Love, more than you will ever know. “Love” is part of you for a reason. Thank you for brining joy into the lives of those who know you and of those who are watching over you.

Lewis + Wilma | Celebrating 70 Years

Lewis and Wilma are High School Sweethearts who married in 1946. In 1946: A new house cost $5,600 The average income was $2,500 The average car was $1,120 A ticket to the movies was $0.55 A gallon of gas was $0.21 A loaf of bread would cost you $0.10 & Tupperware was placed on department store…

Jake + Andrea | Growing with Everett | Newborn | Kempf Family Mini

Andrea and I have been in each others lives longer than we haven’t. I have watched her over come every obstacle that life has thrown her way. She is the definition of strength, beauty and grace. She is inspiring. & she is an amazing wife and mother of two, everything I hope to become someday….

Zach + Jen | Growing with Adalynn | Maternity Preview

I can not express how excited I am for one of my best friends and her hubby that their baby girl will soon be arriving! Zach & Jen…are you ready?! It’s almost time for Miss Adalynn to arrive! 1 week to be exact! Eeeek! So it’s only fitting that I share a preview of Zach…