Gavin + Madison | Edgewater Beach | Cleveland Engagement

      I’ve known Gavin since he was in diapers!…Okay, maybe not that long, but it feels like forever! His sister and I were best friends in High School and still are to this day…how lucky am I?! Like best friends and auntie to tiny humans do, I attended her family functions and as soon as Gavin introduced me to Maddie, I could tell she was the one for him! I was overjoyed when I saw the beach proposal posts last year and even more excited when Maddie called as asked me to be their wedding photographer…TEARS! I get to capture my “little brothers” wedding and watch him say “I Do” to the woman of his dreams.
      When deciding on the perfect spot for their engagement photos, Maddie said to me “Well, we know we want the beach but I don’t think you want to drive 9 hours.” HA!    Girl, don’t tempt me! For these two, I so would have! But Edgewater Beach in Cleveland was the perfect alternative to the beaches of North Carolina.
      I can’t wait to celebrate these two at their wedding next year!

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