Chase + Brianna | Silvers Maternity | Quail Hollow | Hartville, OH

I ended 2018 on a high note with these two “deer” souls! 
From months of talking, to (2) reschedules due to weather and life later…I finally got to meet these 2.5 humans! As soon as I had my introduction call with Brianna, I knew we would hit it off, and I was right! Brianna and Chase are two of the most down to earth people that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They are so carefree, so in love and so excited to meet their little man, Owen! I must say, I am pretty excited to meet him as well. I mean, any little boy with that name is going to be adorable!
And I think Owen was pretty excited too! During the photoshoot I was posing them, Chase said that he could feel Owen kicking on several occasions!!
He loves the camera already and I know my camera will love him once he arrives!

2019 is going to bring GREAT things! 










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