Summit Choral Society | Performance Choir | Choral Festival | Memorial Day Weekend | Washington D.C. | Day 5

Monday, May 29, 2017

Our last day…really?! How is it our last day already!? Time went by way too fast šŸ˜¦
After loaded the bus with way more bags then we came with,
it was time to head over to The National Archives Building to see
The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights.
Butā€¦there was a lineā€¦& we were on a time crunch! However, The Navy Memorial was right across the street so we improvised and took a walk.
It turns out, we were in the right place at the right time!
The kids broke out into song just before The Fleet Reserve Association Memorial Day Wreath Laying Ceremony and were asked to perform during the ceremony. What a wonderful opportunity!
After their mini concert, we headed back over to The National Archives Building so our singers could line for the pre-production of their big TV debut.
While this was happening, the chaperones and Gretta took a walk into the archives building to see the three most important documents in our nations history. But donā€™t worry, we shared in the fun and the kids got to see them too before they headed to lunch.

While the kids looked at our nations history,Ā some of us walked a few blocks away to get our lunches and 45 water bottlesā€¦talk about a workout on the way back!
We all enjoyed lunch in the park, a glimpse of the Art building & an interaction with a group of
US Marines!
When a US Marine looks at you and says ā€œHold thisā€ and hands you his (unloaded) gun,
you do what he says!
After my very unexpected encounter, a few of the Marines took the time to talk to the kids & even showed them some of the proper stances. They loved it!
No lieā€¦the chaperones and I did too!
But our time with them was short and we had to run across the street to get everyone lined up for their Performance at the National Archives Building for the Opening Ceremonies of the National Memorial Day Parade on Historic Constitution Avenue.
Originally, we thought that I would be taking pictures of the back of their heads
ā€¦but that wasn’t going to work for me!
I kindly spoke with security personnel and parade workers and eventually talked my way into the press box where the announcers were.Ā It was a pretty proud moment for me!
The music started, the kids walked in & sang their hearts out on National TV! Hopefully you saw a few of their bright smiling faces come across your screen!
After their song, they exited stage right and headed for the bus to begin our journey back to
Akron, OH.
It was such an amazing trip, one the kids, chaperones and I will never forget!
Now…the countdown to Carnegie Hall begins!









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