Summit Choral Society | Performance Choir | Choral Festival | Memorial Day Weekend | Washington D.C. | Day 2

Friday, May 26, 2017 

It’s Day 2 in D.C. & the kids had a total of 6 hours of rehearsal!
Hopefully they have voices for the concert tomorrow…
Anyway…while the kids were at morning rehearsal, a few of the choir moms, Gretta & I went to The National Zoo to see THE PANDAS!!!!!
I seriously can not express how excited I was for this. Poor Shara…
Since the day she invited me on this trip, I have been talking about wanting to go see
By the time we got to the zoo, we a little over 2 hours to kill.
We spent 45 minutes at the PANDAS alone! I mean, we had to see them from every angle.
After saying our goodbyes to THE PANDAS, we headed for The Grand Hyatt hotel to meet up with our singers and head to lunch.
I myself & a few adults had some much needed Starbucks while the kids fueled up at the McDonalds inside The Air and Space Museum.
We then made our way over to Ford’s Theatre & the Peterson House for a look into Abraham Lincoln’s final days.
Do you ever wonder what our country would be like if he hadn’t gotten shot?
I know I do!
The night ended with the Festival Dinner in the Regency Ballroom & rehearsal #2.
One more rehearsal & then it’s concert time!!



Gretta & I are “Panda Pals” for life!




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