Ben + Jen | Growing with Avery | 9 Months

Oh Avery, you beautiful baby girl…what are we going to do with you?
At 9 month old, she loves

Food! All Food…she’s not picky!
She is constantly laughing at everything her sister Olivia does! Their bond is so special, I love it.
Her new thing is crawling! So
 Ben & Jen officially have a mover on their hands!
& she is curious! She loves getting into and playing with everything, except her toys! 🙂

As I was editing her session, I couldn’t help but think that next time I see her we will be taking 1 year photos and her Grow with Me package will have come full circle.
This year has gone by way too fast!
So take your time and enjoy her 9 month preview in her pretty dress, tutu & pearls!
Because the next time you see her, she will be covered in cake!








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