Growing with the Nordberg’s | Maternity | Cuyahoga Falls Metro Park

Originally, Monique and I were supposed to meet up on last Friday for her maternity shoot, but due to the lovely weather we were having in Ohio, we pushed it. But not far, less than 24 hours later actually!

While driving up the Cuyahoga Falls Metro Park on Saturday morning, I thought to myself, “Thank God we were able to reschedule for today! It looks like its going to be beautiful!” and just as I finished that thought…it began to rain!….ugh! Thankfully as soon as this family stepped in front of the camera, we got a break in the weather and were able to get some beautiful shots of this beautiful growing family!

Monique and her husband Nick have decided to let the gender of the baby be a surprise to everyone, including themselves! Start guessing now and stay tuned for their next blog in just a few short weeks to see if you guessed right!
(Hint…Monique has a feeling it’s a boy!)




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  1. judy nordberg says:

    Love these pictures of Mom, Dad & Brother and can’t wait to meet my new Great-Grandbaby be it boy or girl (my vote is girl….50-50 chance of being right!)!!! Love, (Great)Gramma Judy

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  2. kathy lopez says:

    I decided to take another look at these photos, and I am so proud of all of you. What a beautiful way to capture these moments. Wish I had thought of this when I had you guys, cause I have tons of pics of my first Monique, then Deidra was the second and fewer pics, and when Arnold came around as the last child, I hardly have any of him, so good job on keeping everyone in the pics. Monique, honey you so pretty, and I know I have left you in good hands with Nick as your soul mate, couldn’t of asked for a better husband, step dad, and son in law. I love you, mom


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