Ott Engagement | Nick-a-Jack Farms

dsc_2859So my friend Krys hates getting her picture taken…unless she is taking a, needless to say, the week before her wedding, she decided that it might be good to get some engagement pictures done to get her used to being in front of the camera before her big day! I know this is a little out of order since they said their “I Do’s” last weekend but they are too cute and fun not to share! Not only was this an engagement shoot but this was also a great family photo opp with all 4 of their beautiful babies and to highlight Ian who turned 5 the week before!

dsc_2953Isn’t he a stud?!?! ❤

Krys and Tim’s wedding was absolutely perfect. I am so incredibly lucky to have been a part of it as a 26 year old flower girl walking my beautiful niece and nephew down the aisle. It was great getting to celebrate with them in front of the camera rather than being behind it.

For a preview of the Ott Wedding, make sure you check out my friend’s company, Kuceyeski Photography! They did an amazing job!


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