Growing with Olivia | 3 Months | Fall Family Session| NickaJack Farms

So, normally when I do photos for Kayla, her and I are the only people excited about the photos…Jaxson is so energetic that he doesn’t want his photo taken and baby girl was less than thrilled in her new born photos. But for this weekends photo shoot, WE HAD SUCCESS with BOTH babies! It truly was an amazing moment for her, Dan and I! Jaxson had so much fun doing all of the activities at NickaJack farms and baby Olivia was awake, alert and smiling!! We could not have asked for anything more!

I won’t ramble on this blog because I am too excited about it! So, here it is with TWO smiling children!! Xoxo


So, these final two pictures sum up Jaxson’s attitude at most of our photo shoots…These were taken just after we told him that the photo shoot was over and it was time to go home…
There he is! Little Mister Attitude! Ha! I just love him!

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