Barb + Bruce | McKinley Grand Hotel | Downtown Canton| Engagement

Have you ever been around a couple that were so in love with each other that it didn’t matter if you were in the room…in the same building…or even on the same planet because all they saw was each other?… Barb and Bruce are definitely that couple! These two had amazing chemistry from the second they stepped in front of my camera. Laughing, playing, inside jokes, and ofcourse, endless smiles every time they looked at eachother. They were beaming with happiness and it shows in the pictures!!

There was a point during the shoot when Barb told Bruce to look at the camera and do you want to know what his response was? “I can’t, you’re too beautiful.” <3333333

Both of these two are lucky in love and I couldn’t be happier to share in their special day with them! Until their wedding next year, I anticipate many, many meetings over coffee for Barb and I, along with Always Whimsical LLC. And our first coffee date happened to make for a cute photo opportunity at the end of their session!

Now, let me Iintroduce you to RachelLucia Photography’s newest Bride and Groom,
Barb & Bruce! #foundmyparson






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