Talon Turns 4 | Family Session | Birthday Fun

Over the past year, I have come to know this family. I have watched them grow…both in love and in size! I have celebrated birthdays, engagements, and babies…so many babies! Each one completely perfect. What started out as a single photo shoot has turned into so much more. They have not only become my friends…they have become family.

Aleshia asked me to come celebrate and take photos of Talons 4th birthday party & after taking about a 30 minute detour through Louisville due to a parade (which if you know the size of Louisville, you can go the length of it 10 times in that amount of time), I finally got there! Before cake and presents started, the family had a mini photoshoot! These pictures were so exciting to take because they will be hanging in Aleshia and Zach’s new home that is being built this fall!

After photos there was a big surprise for one of the guests. A “Will you to go homecoming with me?”sign that little Miss Emmy helped with! (Ofcourse she said yes! Must have been because of the baby! jk…they have been together for over a year but he wanted to do something special for her and not just “assume” she was going to go with him haha! Finally, after Talon had been waiting and waiting…it was time for cake and presents, which were 99.99% Ninja Turtles & Trucks (the other .01% was clothes) and a whole lota candy!!

Happy Birthday little man!! It was so much fun spending another birthday with you!


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