Wessel Family | Piedmont Lake

I have known Steve for quite a while. We met at work and this family session has been in the works for months. Literally months! It takes a lot of time and planning to get a large family, that leaves in different states, all together in one place………


The day stared out slow with LOTS OF COFFEE, some rain that really worried us, and a nice country drive….getting lost in winding valleys and hills. Maybe we should bring a paper map next time???

Steve couldn’t have a better property for family photos. He has a cabin in RURAL Ohio and it was only a couple minute walk down to his pontoon for the boat ride to our shoot’s location. (Weeks prior, he had gone out on his boat searching for the perfect spot, and as soon as he sent me the photo, I knew he had our location!) We were in photographer heaven with the absolutely amazing scenery that we had the opportunity of shooting in. Getting on a boat to a tiny little camping  spot in the middle of the lake isn’t the usual routine for any photographer.

Steve’s family was wonderful. They were all so happy and laid back, it made our job so easy! We were so happy to meet such an awesome group of people, and honored to capture their family all getting together. Family is a gift and the days with tiny babies is oh so fleeting.


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