Kylar Turns 1!!

So I am a little late on this blog post but it has been a crazy few days.
But, BIG news this week!
My nephew Kylar turned 1!!! Happy Birthday Little Mister!! 
No one can believe you are 1 already! This year has gone by way too fast and you have grown up way too much!! Slow down please! For all of us! He is so full of energy and always on the go! Crawling all over the house chasing after Mom & Dad and now taking a few steps!! But, like most little ones learning to walk, he prefers to crawl because he can get to his toys, puppies and sissy faster! Mommy and Daddy truly have their hands full with this handsome little man and beautiful little girl, but they wouldn’t want it any other way!

Khaleesi and Kylar are a blessing to everyone who knows them. I am so happy that their mom and I have been best friends/twisted sisters since we were 13! However, when I started my company, Amanda took on another title, Partner! She is my second shooter at weddings and special events! I really don’t know how she has time to take such amazing photos all while having a million other things on her plate. But I am so grateful for her, and I know our clients are too!

During these photos, Kylar was a complete ham during his session, but Khaleesi…she was over the photos before they even started. Little miss attitude! Haha wonder where she gets it?! But, this shoot was all about little man after all and he was LOVING IT!! I can’t even put into words how adorable he is, you will just have to see for yourself! xoxo


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