Michelle & Seth | Growing with Peyton | Newborn

As soon as Landon walked into the house, I knew it was going to be a fun day! It is a very good possibility that he might be the most energetic 3 year old I have ever met…by far! He was so full of energy that we thought taking him outside might be the best option to tire him out (little did we know, that wouldn’t work). His dad must have chased him around the yard about a million times before he began to climb the cherry trees. He wanted to “swing like a monkey”, so his dad made that happen! He soon went from climbing on trees to climbing on me! Haha! Jumping on my back, legs, sitting in my lap and “pressing the gray button” on my camera seemed to be very exciting time for him. Soon Mama and baby girl came out and we were able to snag a few family photos.
Isn’t their family blessed?! 

While the outdoors seemed to be all about Landon, inside was all about 7 day old Princess Peyton! Pretty in pink is how I would describe this shoot. She is going to be such a girly girl! I love it! She did so great for her first photo of the Grow with Me package. She was such a little angel and loved being all dressed up in her tutu and tierra! It will be so exciting to watch her grow over this next year! Luckily, I don’t have to wait long for this family’s next shoot…I will be seeing them again in a few weeks for 1 month pictures
and Landon’s 4th Birthday photos!
So keep an eye out! Another exciting blog is on its way!

bw DSC_6360

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