Summit Choral Society | Chicago Trip | Day 4


On the day that I should have gotten up to work out, I slept in. And I don’t feel guilty about it one bit. All that pizza was worth every pound I just gained. Now, I probably shouldn’t eat for a week…that’s a lie. I had bacon at breakfast. No one tell my trainer.

We loaded the bus after breakfast like we have done the past few days, but today was different. Everyone had their suitcases- we were going home. But not before the kids had their final tour performance at the Field Museum and we had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.


The Field Museum

If you have never been to the Field Museum, you have to go. Another ‘Must See’ in Chicago. But make sure that you plan to be there all day because that is how long it will take you to get through it. We were there for about 3 hours (which is including the performance) and it was definitely not enough time; however, we made sure to get shopping in at the end. Priorities! Anyway, about the concert…oh my goodness, I wish all concert performances could be in a place like that. The lighting, the openness, the energy and excitement: it was amazing to watch, not only for the chaperones and the parents of the young singers performing, but for the people who took the time to stop and listen to these extremely talented kids. None of us could see this, but after the concert, the singers told us that there was another group of little kids on the balcony above us who were clapping and waving at them during the performance. Our group loved that! They were able to see these kids follow along to their music and do the same hand motions that they did. Performance Choir could not have had a better last performance of the trip. The next tour stop for this choir will be singing at the National Choral Festival and John F. Kennedy Centennial Celebration in Washington D.C., Memorial Day weekend, 2017! But that’s another blog ❤


Rainforest Cafe

Before we left the city, we had one more stop, lunch! The last time I was at the Rainforest Cafe was when I was in Chicago for Business Club at Walsh University. Ahh the memories, miss those days <33 It was just like I remembered. You walk in and you instantly feel like you really are in a rainforest, complete with animals and thunderstorms….well, fake animals and thunderstorms, but you definitely get the idea. Everything about this place was great: the food, the atmosphere, and especially the company. It was a fun place to close out our time in Chicago.


Over the Rainbow

The end of this trip was a bittersweet feeling for many reasons. Everyone is excited to be going home to a Championship town, but sad to be leaving Chicago after having such a great four days. Also, there was a send off. One of the boys in Performance Choir performed his last concert today. Nick, who has been singing with Summit Choral Society years for 11 years, will be heading off to college this fall. While he will be greatly missed, there is no doubt in everyone’s minds that Nick will go on to do great things. While I have only known him for these few days, I would have to say that I agree. Nicholas is a talented, polite, genuinely nice and caring kid …well, young man. His parents raised him right, and they should be very proud.

Good luck in your future Nick! We’ll see you over the rainbow.

DSC_6088I hope you have all enjoyed reading this blog as much as I have writing it and photographing this trip! It truly was one of the best experiences. Enjoy this preview from Day 4!!

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