Summit Choral Society | Chicago Trip | Day 2

When your alarm goes off at 5:30 AM on vacation, you know your dedicated to your workouts! (And I also want to eat a lot of deep dish pizza tomorrow so I have to workout between now and then to make up for that)

Our first stop of Day 2 was the Magnificent Mile!! When we got there, I ended up having my own group…Oh boy. While it was unexpected, it was a fun surprise! My group of kids were pretty self sufficient…yay! 🙂 But honestly, we had a blast! They started playing the A, B, C game, I had no clue what that was, as we walked through the streets of Chicago. I finally caught on, at the very end of course. We went to the 6 levels of the Water Tower and into numerous stores but I would have to say the highlights were The Disney Store <333 and Dylan’s Candy Bar. We probably could have spent our entire time in just those two stores. But why don’t they make Princess dresses in adult sizes? And why don’t they sell mini coolers at the candy store so you can take chocolate covered cookie dough, peanut butter and cake batter out into the 90 degree weather?! I think those changes need to be made! ASAP! If these things happen one day, I will be the lady walking down the streets of Chicago in a princess dress eating candy. And my life will be wonderful. Don’t judge me.


Hard Rock Cafe

So I took my group clear down to the end of the Magnificent mile…which meant we had to back-track to get where we needed to be. 1 problem….I didn’t have a map….thankfully Shara texted it to me! I would be lost, literally, without this woman. So at this point, I was only 85% lost haha just kidding, I’m not that bad at directions….Surprisingly though, we were the first group to make it to lunch -and we were early! Go Team!! The kids were right at home at the Hard Rock Cafe, surrounded by music legends and having access to a huge stage! Which of course we got their picture on. I wish they could have just broken out into song in the middle of the restaurant. That would have been amazing!


Art Institute of Chicago

This is my first time, well a lot of our first times, at the Art Institute of Chicago. I am not too sure what to really say about it so I will use the words of a chaperone… “Art is weird…”. But, there were a lot of famous paintings that everyone recognized and the kids really seemed to enjoy it the longer they were there. It is ALOT of art to take in all at once. There was a new exhibit that opened on June 19th called “Vanishing Beauty”. This exhibit showcased Asian jewelry and ritual objects. The jewelry was absolutely beautiful. No one makes jewelry like that anymore, at least in this country. After 2 hours walking around 3 floors of modern, contemporary, architectural art (aka, a room full of chairs) and special exhibits everyone was ready to get on the bus and take a nap! Within 15 minutes of boarding the bus, about 80% of the bus was asleep, me included! I was finally able to get comfortable….only took 2 days!


Dinner at Palatine/Rehearsal

When I woke up, we were still driving… I asked every drivers all time favorite question to be asked, “Are we there yet?” Thankfully, at this point, we were 2 minutes away! The Palatine Children’s Choir had a graciously provided a picnic dinner in the park all ready for us. How nice of them! This is was a great way for these talented choristers to interact and get to know each other before they start singing together. These kids live and breathe music, but thats not all they have in common. These kids also LOVE the game Ninja. I had no idea what it was before this trip and I still don’t quite get it but I am pretty sure its just trying not to get your hand hit by the person next to you? I don’t know, they seem to have fun with it and that’s all that matters. Their game was cut short due to rehearsal, but I don’t think they minded. They were pretty excited to sing with another talented group of kids from a different state! The two choirs will be singing together tomorrow at the Palatine Children’s Choir Summer Festival Concert, both together and individually. There will also be other Palatine choirs singing at the festival, ranging from beginning singers to Palatine Alum. We are all looking forward to it! But don’t worry, Shara will be streaming the festival live, this way you all can enjoy it! The concert starts at 7PM, Chicago time, so 8PM Ohio time. Make sure you check it out!



After a great rehearsal, we hopped back on the bus and headed into the city. Our final stop of the day, the Skydeck at the Sears Tower. In a word…Wow! To see the city in a way I have never seen it before was amazing. The view seemed to go on forever and the sunset was absolutely beautiful. I stood up, sat down, looked down and stood out on the ledge for 20 minutes taking photos for all of the kids. Thankfully I’m not afraid of heights! I am pretty excited to share a preview of the photos with all of you! If you are ever in Chicago, make sure you go. You wont regret it, I promise.


Well, it’s been an incredibly busy day of running around and a lot of riding around on the bus. I think it’s time to eat this amazingly good looking Rice Krispie treat topped with sprinkles that I got from Dylan’s Candy Bar and relax!! 🙂 Have a great night everyone!
Day 3 is on ‘deck’ for tomorrow!

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