Summit Choral Society | Chicago Trip | Day 1

46 Men, Women and Children got on a bus at 8AM to leave for Chicago on the greatest day in North East Ohio history! CAVS WIN CAVS WIN!! #believeland #ALLin216 #wedidit

Oh and note to future self…don’t drink a lot of coffee before getting on a bus and always always ALWAYS bring a blanket and pillow!

University of Notre Dame –

The first stop on our way to Chicago was the University of Notre Dame. And I have to admit… although I am a Walsh alum and love my campus dearly….the Notre Dame campus now has a special place in my heart. The campus was absolutely beautiful! We made our way across campus to the lagoon where we had a fun and relaxing picnic lunch by the lake. It was the perfect place for everyone to unwind after a long bus ride and before these talented young singers first performance.


Cavs Fan Encounter –

While walking to the Basilica, I saw a woman in a Lebron jersey and just had to talk to her! She was still pretty speechless, like the rest of Northeastern Ohio, but went on to tell me that she is a 3rd generation Cavs fan and last night was a dream come true for her and her family. She even began tearing up as we were talking. But I couldn’t help but feel excited because when I looked around, I noticed other people were wearing Cavs shirts and jerseys too!! How great is it that even in a different state, people are supporting Cleveland?! Love it!!


Basilica of the Sacred Heart at the University of Notre Dame

Want to know another thing I love, the Basilica. Like the Cavs, it left me speechless…which doesn’t happen often. Breathtakingly Beautiful is the only way I can describe it!
I have never seen anything like it. Half the time I kept thinking of weddings, I mean could you imagine?! Will someone please get married there and hire me to do their wedding?! You would seriously make me the happiest person on earth! Okay, sorry, back to the trip….I honestly didn’t think it could get anymore beautiful, that is, until Summit Choral Society’s Performance Choir began to sing.

It was angelic. 

They performed 4 songs; Jubilate Alleluia, Hava Nashira, Over the Rainbow, and Blessing.
Their voices brought smiles, tears and awe to all those who were listening. Thank you to all of the parents who traveled and tourists who stopped to watch the performance. Wasn’t it amazing? For those of you who didn’t see it, don’t worry, I got you!
Click the link below and download the app! It’s free!

Basilica of the Sacred Heart Performance
Hope you enjoy!


After the performance was over, I walked outside and the beautiful sunshine turned into a hauntingly beautiful sky. A  storm was coming! Just wait until you see the pictures.
I have a new love for architectural photography <33 Thankfully the storm held off long enough for all of us to get back to the bus. Then about 2 seconds later, the sky opened up and we headed into the storm and into a lovely stand-still traffic jam on Route 80…

Navy Pier/Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. – 

Navy Pier….Oh how I have missed you! This is one of my favorite places in Chicago and to see how excited these talented singers were when we got off the bus, it seems that this is one of their favorites too! While this visit was short, we will be back again on Wednesday to explore, ride the ferris wheel and take a Chicago River Tour!!! We ended our time at the Navy Pier with dinner at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Yummm!!!


Merit School of Music – Chicago A Capella Masterclass – 

While in Chicago, the kids were given an amazing educational and performance opportunity through a Masterclass with clinician, Joe Labozetta, Chicago a cappella. This is a private class, just for them! As I am sitting here writing this, the kids are on stage, singing, dancing, laughing and having the time of their lives! They are totally in their element! I am no music expert, so I am going to hand this one over to the one who made this trip possible for me, my amazing friend Shara Cocchiola, Director of Education and Community Programs -“This is a fantastic opportunity for SCS singers to learn new, different ways to use their voices as the instruments they are.”


As we headed to the hotel, the kids began to sing…Disney songs! I mean, it’s like these kids know me and my love for Disney! Perfect way to end the day in my book! 🙂
Can you believe this was all the first day?! Just imagine what the next 3 days will bring! Stay tuned for another blog tomorrow recapping Day 2 of the Summit Choral Society Chicago Tour! Make sure you ‘Like’ my Facebook page along with Summit Choral Society‘s page for real time photos, updates and live feeds!

Enjoy this mini preview from Day 1!!