Jen & Ben | Growing with Avery | Newborn

Well Hello Little Miss Avery! Welcome to the world sweet girl!!
It is so wonderful to finally meet you!!!

Everyone has anxiously been awaiting your arrival. And not just Jen & Ben’s family,
but all of Wayne Homes!! She is just as precious as any of us could have imagined!

This little wiggle worm was bright eyed as we started the shoot. Constantly moving her head and trying to hold it up as she scooted all around! We finally had to lay her on her back to keep her from moving! #MommyandRachelforthewin
As we were nearing the end of the shoot, after tiring herself out and a warm bottle, she drifted off to sleep. Once Jen laid her down,  she nestled herself in. She looked so cozy,
we were kinda jealous! I wonder if they make that nest in adult sizes?!

bw DSC_1618



Next stop on the Grow with Me package, 3 Month photos!!
Until then baby girl, don’t get too big too quick! xoxox

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