Brumbaugh Wedding | Mini Preview

Amanda and I were extremely excited for this wedding! Not only because it was our first wedding of the season and the first time we would work together, but we couldn’t wait to capture the day that Emily and Nate have been waiting for. No more long distance and no more weekend visits….just love, laughter and happily ever after for these two!

Nate and Emily tied the knot on Saturday, and it couldn’t have been more beautiful, or more fun! They started out our wedding season on such a positive note, and they couldn’t have been more fun to work with!

We were all worried about the weather, praying that it would not put a ding in their day. BUT, this beautiful bride and groom did not let it bother them  one bit. Thankfully we got to duck outside after the wedding before it started getting really cold and wet!

Aside from the on and off rain and cold, their day went off without a hitch. Emily’s best friend and Nate’s brother stood beside them as the rest of their family and friends witnessed the union of these two!  Some happy tears were shed during vows, but mostly there was a lot of giggling and outbursts of laughter . After all, isn’t that the best thing about marriage? Being able to laugh with someone everyday, all day?

Congratulations again to Emily and Nate! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day! Have a wonderful honeymoon! – Rachel and Amanda

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