Ashley & Russell | Reservoir Park | Newborn

I met up with Ashley for her sunset photo shoot earlier this week. When I got there, I knew she would be bringing her adorable daughter and that I would be meeting her fiance! Little did I know that her fiance was someone I had gone to school with 13 years ago!
Talk about a small world!

We strolled around the park and attempted to avoid the 28372895728957 geese!….Which was not easy by any means, but at least they managed to stay out of the pictures! Ashley and her daughter, Marley, had an incredible mother-daughter-baby moment! Marley brought along a book that she is looking forward to reading to her baby brother once he arrives. She wanted to give him a little preview so she sat down on the blanket and started reading to him! Cutest thing ever!

But, we cant forget about Russell! Throughout the entire shoot, Ashley’s finance, Russell, looked at her the way every girl wants to be looked at. But can you blame hime? You’ll see what I’m talked about…absolutely beautiful! He loves those girls so much and you can easily see that he is going to be an amazing father to his son. This little boy will be very lucky and truly blessed to be a part of their family.

I hope you enjoy this growing family’s photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!
Can’t wait to meet you little mister!!




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