Laura & Jay | Monument Park | Anniversary

What can I say about Laura & Jay…Ha…that rhymed!
Okay, I may be a little too caffeinated as a write this blog post! Anyway…

These two….oh how I adore them and their relationship!

I have known them for a little over  2 years and we have always had a great time together! Cookouts, bonfires and ice-bucket challenges….never a dull moment!
 I haven’t seen them in awhile so when Laura asked me to take their anniversary pictures, I was ecstatic!

While they make a great team off camera, just wait until you see what happened once they stepped in front of it!
Laura was as fun and care-free as ever and Jay was a natural!

It was a gorgeous afternoon at the park and the sunshine seemed to follow these two
where ever they went.
It was hard only picking a few shots from their session,
every photo was absolutely stunning! 

See for yourself….

Laura’s personality captured on camera xo


Oh my favorites ❤ 

Happy 3 Year Anniversary Laura & Jay! Love you two!


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