Chris & Kelly | Varian Orchards

I am so excited to introduce you to this amazing couple, Chris and Kelly!

Kelly’s sister Aleshia and her family….her ENTIRE FAMILY….have been in front of my camera for almost a year now! From new born, to senior photos and Grow with Me packages, my camera has been their to capture all of the important moments for this family! I am truly honored that they have chosen me as their photographer!

Varian Orchards has always been a favorite place of mine!
So of course we had to go here for their photo session!

It was a pretty chilly day but that didn’t stop Kelly from wearing a dress…which she looks absolutely beautiful in by the way! Chris tried wearing his hat the whole time, he should have known better! We got him to take it off for a few pictures, but I guess I don’t fully understand that bond between a man and his hat? Someday, someone will have to explain that one to me!

Enjoy this beautiful couple, you’ll be seeing a lot more of them very soon!




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